Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Week of 1/15

No school Monday 1/15

This week's focus skills are- 
  • Adding 2 digit numbers
  • Adding a number close to 100
If your child brings their textbook home, please know it is useful with homework and how to echo the in-class instruction with our unit "the mental math concepts." Use Textbook pgs 14-16 this week to assist if you see the textbook come home. Please send the textbook back to school with them (*the Textbook looks similar to the workbook) 

A skill to focus on with your child at home: "Making Ten" 
  • They need to be able to be given any one digit number and know what to add to that number to make ten. 
  • This will greatly help them in further grades adding ALL NUMBERS. 
  • Once they know how to "Make Ten" we can dive into mental math deeper - asking the student - if you have 23 what is the next ten?  ---- 30. Good, if 30 is the next ten, how many more do we need to make the ones (3) another ten? Or, what do I add to 3 to make 10. They will be able to say 7 if they know their "making ten" facts.
  • When given problems like, 27+5 They won't have to use their fingers. They will know that 27 is close to the next ten, 30 and will see that they have 3 inside of 5. So they break apart 5 to be 3 and 2 and get 30 then add the remaining part, 2.  ---- 32. 

  • It all starts with your child being able to make 10. Miss Six and I are quizzing them everyday upon entering the classroom, using every minute! Please encourage them to practice. 
    • Idea: Make flash cards with index cards. Some kiddos already made this in our class when given the challenge. Others created them for their doubles facts (1+1, 2+2, 3+3 etc)
  • The workbook will not being going home for the rest of this mental math unit. 

Language Arts: 
  • Our Next Poem "Bed in Summer" came home Friday 1/12, to be presented 2/5
  • Spelling words: This week there will be 10 words for the spelling test. Please note: Moving forward your child will be assessed on 14-16 words a week as we transition to cursive in future weeks. Please know, it is very normal for second graders' weekly spelling grade scores to drop on their Friday assessments during the transition to cursive.  
  • Little House in the Big Woods chapts 2-3
Writing: Letter about option of uniforms  (opinion writing), descriptive paragraph, chapter refection brochure

  • Important Leaders 
    • George Washington, Ben Franklin, James Madison

    •  Articles of Confederation 
      • Purpose of The Articles of Confederation

      •  One right the articles gave to each colony
      • Why the colonies would want a stronger central government. 
    • Shays Rebellion 
      • Cause, Importance 
    •  Constitutional Convention & The Great Compromise 
      • Describe, importance 

    • The earth rotates around an axis 
    • The earth revolves around the sun  
    • The earth's axis is tilted and this is what creates seasons
      • Vocabulary: 
        • Axis - a straight line around which a body rotates (the invisible line around which the earth spins) 
        • Orbit - a path in space along which one celestial body revolves around another (the earth's path around the sun) 
        • Revolve - to move in an orbit 
        • Rotate - to spin around an axis 

    Monday, January 8, 2018

    Week of 1/8

     Welcome Back! Happy New Year! 
    I enjoyed seeing you at conferences. Thank you for partnering with me to help your child succeed. If you were unable to make a conference, please reach out and we can try to schedule one this week. 

     Diving Right In!

    • American History Overview (Columbus-->Declaration) before diving in deeply
    • Our next unit is "The Earth's Seasons" focusing on the why's behind them!
    Reminder: The Simple Machine Project (Part 4 and the machine itself are due Monday 1/8/18
    • "Museum Walk Wednesday"
      We are planning to host a "Museum Walk" of all the Simple Machines on Wednesday.  We will have the Simple Machines set up in the courtyard area and parents will be invited to walk through our museum and admire everyone's work. (We are trying to figure out the timing so students can attend with their parents). At the end of the museum time parents can take the projects home with them. Please keep an eye out for future email about this event! I know the children are excited to share their projects!
    • Cursive will be taught this quarter! The scholars are so excited.  Please take time each evening to reinforce correct handwriting formation. This will lead to a smooth transition to cursive  
    • Writing- Parts of a Paragraph Review "My Winter Break"  
    • Grammar-   
      • “Period, statement, declarative sentence” 
      • “Go back to the verb. Divide the complete subject from the complete predicate” 
      • “Underline the complete subject once and the complete predicate twice.”  

    Please send in "Little House in the Big Woods" author: Laura Ingalls Wilder by Tuesday 1/9/18

    • Please note: No Homework Monday for math 
    Second grade Semester 2 - The new math workbook and textbooks coming home! The next math unit is Missing numbers then mental math (please be practicing making ten facts with your child to prepare them for this unit - they should have their math facts memorized 1+9, 2+8, 3+7, 4+6, 5+5, 10+0)

    I look forward to an exciting 3rd Quarter! 

    Monday, December 18, 2017

    Week of 12/18

    Last week of school for 2017!
    This week is the last 3 days of school for the quarter. Each day (Monday- Wednesday) is a half-day, ending at 12:30.  Please plan on picking your child up promptly or making other after school-care arrangements. There are no clubs on Wednesday. School is closed Thursday and Friday. 

    School resumes Monday, January 8 with a full day.  

    Parent-Teacher Conferences are Thursday, January 4th and Friday, January 5th. These are mandatory. If you haven't signed up yet, the link is:


    Ancient Greece Celebration 
    Our Ancient Greece Celebration is this Wednesday, Dec. 20.  We will celebrate all we have learned about Ancient Greece during this last half day of school. The sign up is nearly full. If you would still like to sign up follow the link below. If you have already signed up, thank you so much for your contribution. 


    This is the first of our big celebrations in second grade.  Thank you for your help in making it a memorable success!

    Simple Machines Project
    Please remember that your child's Simple Machine Project is due on Monday, January 8 when we return from break. On the 8th they will hand in:
    1) The physical project and 
    2) The final version of their project description. 

    On Monday, December 18th they will bring home their graded draft of their description.  Please remember that your child needs to combine two simple machines into a NEW machine or an arcade style game. I will email the initial project description letter and grading rubric as well as the format for the draft and the final version, incase the papers are misplaced. I will be out of town most of the break and will not be checking emails frequently. 

    Monday, December 11, 2017

    Week of 12/11/17

    Upcoming! Ancient Greece celebration 12/20! 
    Sign up to help support our class here:


    This is a grade-level sign up and not specific to our class. 

    Idioms and Proverb review  
    Monthly assessments  
    Weekly Comprehension assessments 
    "Sarah, Plain and Tall" Coffee Talk Wednesday- the sign up is full. Thank you so much for your support.  
    Writing with ease: The story of the Greeks 
    Wrap up Friendly Letter Writing Continued from last week 

    This week is a REVIEW of concepts for Q1 and Q2 

    -Identify Alexander the Great 
    -Understand why Alexander is important 
    -Indicate on a map the area Alexander the Great conquered 
    -Friday - Part 2 of the Ancient Greece test (Persian Wars, Great Thinkers, Alexander the Great) 
    ***Wednesday a study guide will be sent home  

    -Excretory System Continued -Students will understand that the body gets rid of waste through the skin when perspiring. 
    -Students will understand that healthy eating and exercising helps their bodies  

    ·       Macronutrients- Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein
    ·       Micronutrients- Vitamins and minerals
    ·       Food Plate
    ·       Eat a rainbow
    ·       Exercise

    ·       Drink water

    Sign up for mandatory parent/teacher conferences will go out on Wednesday. Conferences are January 4th and 5th. 

    Monday, December 4, 2017

    Week of 12/4/17

    I can't believe it is December and this year is almost half over. It has flown by.

    Our week:

    Writing - Friendly letters continued 
    Grammar - Common and Proper Nouns  
    Sarah Plain and Tall chapters 6-9 
    Next Wednesday, 12/13 is our Coffee Talk for Sarah, Plain and Tall  please visit our sign up link below to view ways to support this celebration!  
     2A -Sarah, Plain and Tall Book Buzz

    -Tuesday is our Digestive System assessment. A study guide will be sent home Monday to review
    -Simple Machine part 3 is due Wednesday 
    Later in the week we will...
    -Students will understand the urinary system is part of the excretory system.
    -Students will identify the major organs in the urinary system. 
    -Students will understand how the kidneys filter blood  

    -Wednesday will be the first part of our Greece unit assessment. A study guide will be sent home Tuesday to review

    Our Greek Day celebration will be December 20. Look out for a sign up to be sent out for this date. It is one of our biggest days of the year and will need a lot of parent support. 
    -Ways to support your second grader during this math unit at home:
    Your child should be fluent in counting by 3's 12 times. Please have your child practice this skill in the car/brushing teeth/throughout the evening when able. It will greatly help them multiply and divide by 3. Counting forward and backward.
    Please support your child by having them do one 3 digit addition problem or subtraction problem a night with renaming. This will greatly support them as we continue to practice this concept as a review in class daily. Many of them would benefit from at-home-support with this regularly reviewed concept 
    This week we will be... -Practice division facts for 3
    -Solve word problems  

    -Practice multiplication and division facts for 2 and 3

    -Understand remainders in division 
    -Solve simple word problems involving remainders 
    -Understand that an even number can be divided evenly by 2

    -Understand that an odd number has a remainder of 1 when divided by 2 
    -Represent an even number as the sum of two addends. 
    -Identify odd and even numbers within 20

    Monday, November 27, 2017

    Week of 11.27.17

    Book orders are due on Thursday, November 30th by 5pm. 
    If you would like to order books for your child as a present, I can wrap your books in a brown bag to ensure that they do not see them ahead of time. Please just send me an email after you place your order saying you would like the books to remain a secret. To order, go to the following website and enter our class code to order:

     Class access code: R7VTX

    A glance at our coming week... 

    Ancient Greece

    The Digestive System (Stomach / Small / Large intestines) 

    Unit 5 
    Practice multiplication facts for 2 and 3
    Relate division by 2 to multiplication by 2 
    Practice division facts for 2 
    Relate division by 3 to multiplication by 3  
    Solve word problems 

    We are starting our new piece of literature this week! Sarah, Plain and Tall
    Action item: Please send in Sarah, Plain and Tall

    Literature- Chapters 1-5 Vocabulary and comprehension practice  
    Grammar- Parsing sentences and plural/singular nouns 
    Writing- Writing with ease and Friendly letter writing 
    Poem-'Twas the Night Before Christmas
    To be recited Friday, December 1st in groups

    Monday, November 20, 2017

    Week of 11/20/17

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I was so proud of all of 2A at the concert on Thursday. It was a joy to hear all of their beautiful voices. Thank you all for the wonderful year thus far. I could not have done it without all of the support you lend to our class. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

    -Ms. Castillo

    A glance at our coming two full days: 

    R&R WEEKEND ahead!  
    (If your child will be missing learning time in class please email me) 

    • Practice multiplication facts for 3
    • Solve word problems for x3 or x2 
    • Tuesday will be our Cricket in Times Square / Ancient China celebration! 
    • NO Spelling Words these 2 days
    • Writing- Steps in the writing process.  
    •  Reading Comprehension
    • NO Fluency or Reading Comprehension Packets these 2 days
    • Idiom and Proverbs Review from Q1 and Q2
    • POEM:
    Title: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas    

    Author: Clement C. Moore 

    Recite: Friday, December 1st
    Each child was assign a single stanza to recite. 

    Vocabulary TO REVIEW AT HOME and IN-CLASS:  ‘Twas (It was); stirring (moving or walking); nestled (settled in snugly); sugar-plums (small balls of candy); coursers (swift horses); dash(move quickly); twinkling (as used: as short amount of time); bound(leap); tarnished (discolored); pedlar (British version of peddler; someone who travels around selling things); droll (comical); clatter (loud noise); flash (sudden display of light); mid-day (noon); dread(fear); ‘ere (before)

    • The 5 steps in the Digestion Process (Step 2: The Esophagus)  
    • Please note: The Simple machine assignment part 3 went home Wednesday 11/17  and is due December 6th. This is considered a rough draft for the written portion that will be turned in with the final project. 
    • Students will define democracy 
    • Students will identify Athens as the birthplace of democracy 
    • Students will understand some aspects of Athenian democracy

    Scholastic Book Orders:

    November book orders and a special holiday book order catalog have gone out. I have received orders from a few of your. All book orders are due on November 30th to ensure that they arrive before winter break. If you would like to order books for your child as a present, I can wrap your books in a brown bag to ensure that they do not see them ahead of time. Please just send me an email after you place your order saying you would like the books to remain a secret. To order, go to the following website and enter our class code to order:

     Class access code: R7VTX

    Tuesday, November 14, 2017

    Week of 11/13/17

    K-2 Concert Night Logistics: Thursday, November 16th

    To facilitate a smooth transition into our new concert venue, here are a few things to keep in mind:
    Kindergarten Families
    ·      Call time at 4:45pm
    ·      Parking in Lot 1
    ·      Students enter through doors closest to the Box Office- only students will be admitted into the building at this time
    ·      Pick up from the Little Theatre
    1st Grade Families
    ·      Call time at 5pm
    ·      Parking in Lot 2 
    ·      Students enter through doors closest to the Box Office- only students will be admitted into the building at this time
    ·      Students check in and report to the Little Theater
    ·      Pick up from Reserved Section in back of the Auditorium
    2nd Grade Families
    ·      Call time 5pm
    ·      Parking in Lot 3 
    ·      Students enter through doors closest to the Box Office- only students will be admitted into the building at this time
    ·      Students check in and report to Reserved Section in back of the Auditorium
    ·      Pick up from the stage

    There will be staff members in the parking lot and in the lobby to assist the students in reporting to their appropriate locations. Only students will be admitted into the building from 4:45-5:10pm. Outside doors open at 5:10pm. Auditorium doors open at 5:20pm. Please plan on staying until the end of the entire K-2 concert out of respect for all of the students. The 3rd-5th grade students will be arriving at 6:30pm. To avoid traffic jams, please exit promptly once you have your student. K-2 siblings of older students must be picked up at the end of their concert. There will be no supervision provided for the younger students during the 3rd-5th grade concert. Aditionally, no food or drink will be permitted in the auditorium.
    Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.

    Scholastic Book Orders:

    November book orders went out last week. I have already received orders from a few of you. A special holiday book order catalog will go out later this week. All book orders are due on November 30th to ensure that they arrive before winter break. If you would like to order books for your child as a present, I can wrap your books in a brown bag to ensure that they do not see them ahead of time. Please just send me an email after you place your order saying you would like the books to remain a secret. Go to the following website and enter our class code to order:

     Class access code: R7VTX

    This week: 
    • Division review and division word problems (Review packet going home Monday)
    • Tuesday - Division Assessment 
    • Start Multiplication Table of 3
    • Triples
    Ancient Greece
    • Students will understand that the Greeks worshiped many gods and goddesses 
    • Students will be able to identify several major gods and goddesses 
    • Students will locate Troy on a map 
    • Students will understand the basic story of the Trojan War including the trick of teh Trojan horse 
    • Students will locate Athens  on a map 
    • Students will understand Athena's connection to Athens 
    • Students will understand how Athenians worshiped Athena  
    Language Arts:
    • New Poem coming home this week 'Twas the Night Before Christmas - To be presented December 1st.
      • This poem will be done differently than other poems. Students will be assigned one stanza. Your child will not be presenting the entire poem. Just one of the stanzas. 
    • In-Class Spelling Bee-Monday
    • Cricket in Times Square chapters 13-15
    • Reading Comprehension  
    • Celebration information coming soon regarding the completion of this fine work of literature 
    • Paragraph Writing - Strong Main Idea 

    Simple Machine Project Part 2.     DUE Wednesday, November 15: Research Page featuring 3 different Simple Machines.

    The Digestive System
    • Students will be introduced to the steps of digestion  
    • Students will understand that the first step of digestion occurs in the mouth.
    • Students will understand that mechanical digestion occurs when the teeth chew food. 
    • Students will understand that the tongue is able to detect 5 tastes. 
    • Students will understand that chemical digestion occurs when saliva from the salivary glands begin to break down food. 

    Monday, November 6, 2017

    Week of 11/6

    A glace at our coming week...

  • Nov 7 Family Fun Night at Red Robin Santan Village
  • Nov 8   Parent Positive: The Minds of Boys and Girls

    -Cricket in Times Square chapters 10-12 - emphasis on vocabulary and colorful language/character development (hunt for virtue in the text)
    -Reading -Comprehension practice (Pulling out essential details)
    -Writing - The Writing Process Overview
    Focus - Topic sentences within a paragraph
    -Weekly leveled reading assessments
    -Continue fluency and comprehension practice at student differentiated levels
    Regarding Fluency Homework: Please note, your child should not be "speed" reading these passages. Their primary focus should be reading the text fluently. Please correct your scholar if they forget to pause at the period to begin the next new thought. There should be a natural pause at the commas as well. If there is a question mark - their tone should change slightly to read the question with a "questioning voice" *Fluent readers pay attention to the punctuation marks.

    Ancient China Assessment Wednesday (Tuesday is review)
    Ancient Greece unit begins Thursday

    Overview of the body systems

    -Solve division word problems using number bonds and pictures
    -Count by 2's: Solve problems in the form of 2 x = by counting by 2's
    -Relate ___ x 2 to the facts for doubles
    -Build the multiplication table for 2

    -Compute unknown facts from known facts-Review division: Breaking apart arrays
    -Review division: breaking apart a whole number and having some leftover or remaining
    -Division assessment next Tuesday 

    Monday, October 30, 2017

    Week of 10/30/17

    Thank you all for your donations for our cookie cell project. It was a great success. This project is such a fun, hands-on way to cement what they learned about cells.

    On Tuesday, we have Literacy Day where students can dress like their favorite literary character. Costumes needed to be approved by me in order to dress up. We will be reading to the class, doing some "Cricket in Times Square" coloring pages and reading with flashlights in the dark. Your child can bring in a pillow/blanket/ stuffed animal and a flashlight to have some cozy lights-out reading time. We will be eating popcorn, cookies and drinking milk. If you would like to contribute to our class, you can sign up with the following link:


    Our week: 

    Monday:Solve simple word problems that involve multiplication or division.
    Wednesday: Multiplication Quiz
    Thursday:Solve division word problems using number bonds and pictures
    Count by 2’s:  Solve problems in the form 2 x = by counting by 2s
    Friday:Multiplication Table of 2-build the multiplication table for 2.
    Compute unknown facts from known facts
    Solve simple word problems
    Idiom: Back to the drawing board. 
    Poem: Something Told the Wild Geese- Reciting this Friday, November 3rd
    Comprehension Strategy: Determine Important Information
    Literature: The Cricket in Times Square Chapters 7-9
    Grammar: Parsing sentences including Article Adjectives

    Students will recognize some of China’s important inventions
    Students will understand how silk is made.
    Students will understand the cultural, economic, and geographic importance of silk

    Part 2 of the Simple Machine Project went out last week. It is due November 15th. 

    Monday: Students will understand the contributions that Anton van Leeuwenhoek made to the field of microbiology.
    Thursday: Open-note cell quiz
    Friday: Begin informational unit on body systems
    Students will know that the skeleton system is one of the systems in the body. 

    Week of 1/15

    No school Monday 1/15 Math:  This week's focus skills are-  Adding 2 digit numbers Adding a number close to 100 If your child br...