Sunday, September 16, 2018


Important Dates
1.     Friday, September 28th: Half Day 
A Look in the Classroom
1.     ELA: Leveled fluency passages will begin going home this week. Please have you scholar read their passage out loud for one minute on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Log the total number of words read within the minute. Subtract any words read that were skipped, switched or misread. If they are able to self-correct, you do not need to count this as an error. Return the completed fluency sweep on Thursday. This counts toward the 20 minutes of nightly reading.  In ELA, we will continue to practice sequencing by working through graphic organizers and writing sequencing sentences. We will continue our study of singular and plural nouns by beginning to look at irregular plural nouns. 
2.     Literature: We will be focusing on story sequencing, context clues, and text-to-self connections as we continue exploring our Boxcar Children unit.
3.     History: We will finish our Japan unit by discussing Japan's most important crop, traditional dress, bonsai trees, and origami. We will fill out our study guides in class on Tuesday and have our quiz on Friday.
4.     Science: We will finish our exploration of Simple Machines. Students will understand how a pulley can be used in everyday life. We will discuss the differences and similarities of the three types of pulleys: fixed, compound, and movable. Students will understand that friction is a force that works against motion.  
5.     Math: Our unit 2 Assessment will be on Friday.
          -Rename tens and hundreds to subtract within 1,000
          -Solve word problems using the correct word problem steps each time.
          -Rename with zeros
          -Review addition and subtraction with and without renaming within 1,000
1.     Thursday: Japan Quiz
2.     Friday: Spelling Test and Math Test
Please do reach out with any questions or concerns.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Week of 9/10/18

Volunteer Opportunities

Wednesday Groups: Archway Lincoln has undertaken a tremendous endeavor in introducing Wednesday reading and math groups in their continuous effort to provide the best education possible to their children. The purpose of the reading and math groups is to differentiate instruction to meet student needs and provide further enrichment at each child’s level. Students will be placed in leveled groups for both reading and math. We are in need of 3 volunteers for reading and math groups. 

Sign up

Reading Groups:

Math Groups:

Library: We are also in need of volunteers to help us with our visit to the library every Monday at 11:50. You would help to check books in and out, re-shelf books and read a story to the class. Our library time is 20 minutes. 

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Important Dates

1.     September 28th: Half Day
A Look in the Classroom
1.     Spalding: We will continue our review of the 70 phonograms and enter our spelling words into our pink notebooks. We will continue to focus on letter formation, baseline and midpoint, and letter sizing. This week we will have 28 spelling words. Here is a great resource to assist your scholar with phonogram sounds: Phonogram Sounds App.
2.     ELA: In reading we will be focusing on sequence of events. Our grammar focus is plural nouns
3.     History: We will take the assessment for our geography unit on Monday, here is a great resource to help your student study: Oceans and Continents Song. We will dive into our Japan Unit. We will cover an array of wonderful cultural material about Japan's culture starting with where the country is located and finishing with a study of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.
4.     Science: We will continue our investigation on Simple Machines. Students will understand that machines help us do work.  Students will explore how screws, wheel and axles, and inclined planes help us in everyday life. Scholars will discover real life examples of all 6 Simple Machines. 
5.     Math: This week's math objectives: We will begin math / reading groups this Wednesday. Math guide/resources for the group will be sent out to volunteers on Monday -Add more than two numbers (multi-digit) -Solve word problems with correct steps (underline what the question is asking and key phrases, draw a number bond/picture, equation, answer sentence) -Subtract ones or tens from a 3-digit number using mental math strategies -Rename tens to subtract within 1,000 -Subtract ones or tens from a 3- digit number using mental math strategies -Rename hundreds to subtract within 1,000


1.     Monday: Geography Test
2.     Friday: Spelling Test

Please do reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Week 9/3/18


  1. Grandparent's Day has been cancelled for this year. I apologize for the premature announcement, we do hope to begin this tradition at Lincoln in future years.
Important Dates

  1. September 3rd: No School
  2. September 4th: Spalding and Singapore Night 6:00 - 7:30

A Look in the Classroom
  1. Spalding: We will continue our review of the 70 phonograms and enter our spelling words into our pink notebooks. We will continue to focus on letter formation, baseline and midpoint, and letter sizing. This week we will only have 20 spelling words due to the Labor Day Holiday.
  2. ELA: In grammar we will be diving deeper into our study of nouns by looking at regular common and proper nouns. This week we will conclude our study of the 4 types of sentences by generating our own sentences and sharing with the class. See if your scholar can find each of the 4 types in a book they are reading. We will finish reading How the Camel Got It's Hump and discussing the story elements. We will be continuing to visualize while we read. Ask your scholar what pictures they see in their minds.
  3. History: We will finish our Map Skills and Geography of the Americas Unit, with a discussion of the Southern Cone. Students will fill out a study guide in class and bring it home to prepare for the test on Friday.
  4. Science: We will continue our investigation on Simple Machines. Students will understand that machines help us do work. Scholars will discuss and find find examples of simple machines in everyday life.
  5. Math:
    -Subtracting a 3-digit number from a number within 1,000 without renaming using the standard algorithm.
    -Word problems
    When your scholar is solving word problems please have them follow the steps in the front cover of their agenda/taped to the pocket of their orange folder
    -Addition WITH renaming
    -Add ones or tens to a 3-digit number using mental math strategies
    -Rename ones to add within 1,000
    -Rename tens to add within 1,000
    -Solve word problems WITH renaming
          Parent Resource Video: While the concepts in this video are above grade level 2, it accurately              explains renaming.

Wishing you and your scholars a relaxing long weekend!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Week of 8/27/18

We are starting to really get into the rhythm of school. We have really been working on silent transitions. We have sent home Black Friday Folders today. Please look through the work with your child, empty the folder out and send it back home on Monday. 

Important Dates
1.     August 30th: Volunteer Training Night 6-7:30 pm
2.     September 4th: Singapore and Spalding Night 5:30-6:30 pm (K-2)
3.     September 7th: Grandparents Day

A Look in the Classroom
1. Spalding: We will continue our review of the 70 phonograms and enter our spelling words into our pink notebooks. We will continue to focus on letter formation, baseline and midpoint, and letter sizing.

2. Language Arts: We will be building on the skills we have been acquiring this year. We will take our knowledge of grammar and begin parsing subject noun/ verb sentences. We will complete our study of the 4 types of sentences by examining interrogative and exclamatory sentences. Our study of story elements will be solidified by reading How the Camel Got It's Hump and by learning to visualize what we read. 
3. Science: We will begin our Simple Machines unit. Scholars will observe, experiment, and discuss how machines help us do work. Scholars will understand that work is when force is applied to an object and it moves in the direction of the force.
4. History: Our Geography unit continues with a trip through central and South America. The students will be creating postcards from Puerto Rico, telling their loved ones about the wonders they saw on our imaginary field trip.
5. Math: This week's objectives are as follows:

-Word problems 

Key terms: 



Less Than 

More Than 

-Add a 2-digit number to a number within 1,000 without renaming, using the standard algorithm. 

-Add a 3-digit number to a number within 1,000 without renaming, using the standard algorithm. 

-Add numbers within 1,000, no renaming 

-Solve word problems 

-Subtract a 2-digit number from a number within 1,000 without renaming, using the standard algorithm 

*Please be sure to have your child practice their Rocket Math (the perimeter of the box once orally) nightly
1. Friday: Spelling Test
Please do reach out if there is anything I can help with.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Week of 8/20/18

Hello Parents!
Thank you to all that attended Curriculum Night, it was so much fun to see you in the classroom. Here is a look at our week ahead.
Important Dates
1.     August 21st: Student Picture Day
2.     August 30th: Volunteer Training Night
3.     September 4th: Spalding and Singapore Night
A Look in the Classroom
1.     Poem: Our Poem, Seashell by Frederico Garcia Lorca will be recited in class by scholars on Friday.
2.     Grammar: We will be identifying common and proper nouns.
3.     Writing: We will introduce the 4 sentence types, starting with imperative and declarative.
4.     Reading: Our focus on reading skills will center on recognizing the plot and in Literature we will be enjoying El Parjaro Cu to help solidify the ideas of setting, character, and story sequence.
5.     Spalding: We will continue our review of the 70 phonograms and enter our spelling words in our pink books.
6.     History: We will continue in our Geography unit by taking a closer look at North American. Lessons will included taking an imaginary road trip to visit our neighbors to the North and South: Canada and Mexico.
7.     Science: We will discuss how magnets are used in the real world. On Thursday we are reviewing our unit as a class; your scholar will come home with the study guide. The unit assessment will be on Friday.
8.     Math: Unit 2 starts Monday 

Addition and Subtraction within 20:

-Review strategies for adding and subtracting within 20 mentally using base-ten properties 

Part/Whole Word Problems: 

-Review part-whole concepts in word problems 

Review Comparison word problems:

-Relate "More than" and "Less than" to subtraction 

-Review comparison concepts in word problems 

Review Mental Math: 

-Review addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers, no renaming
Tests and Quizzes
1.     Friday: weekly spelling test and Science test

Please do reach out if there is anything I can help with.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Week of 8/13/18

Here we are at the end of our first full week together. It has been an exciting and fulfilling one; I am so pleased to start our year on this beautiful note.

Miss Farah has joined us! Last Friday was Miss Farah's first day. Please help me in welcoming her to 2A. 
 We have a new bench this year on that playground to promote friendship, called the buddy bench. The purpose of this bench is for students who are unable to find someone to play with to sit and look for others playing a game that they would like to join. We encourage students who see someone sitting on the bench to go over and ask them to play. So far we are seeing being used with truly beautiful results! 
Upcoming Dates
1.Thursday August 16th: K-2 Curriculum Night on campus 6-7:30 pm.
2. Tuesday August 21st: Student Picture Day.
A Look in the Classroom
1. Poem: Our first poem will be going out on Monday. We will be reciting Seashell by Federico Garcia Lorca. Please have your scholar practice the poem nightly. They will be reciting the poem on Friday, 8/17.
2. Spalding: We will continue to practice all 70 phonograms throughout the week. Spalding words will start in our pink journals. Teachers will lead instruction for spelling words starting with hand motions, markings, and rules. Nightly Spalding homework will begin on Monday. 
3. Grammar: This week we will be learning about another fundamental part of speech: verbs. We will be focusing on action verbs. See how many action verbs your child can show you. 
4. Writing: Writing instruction will begin this week. The 5 parts of a sentence will be reviewed. You can practice the jingle we will learn at home with this link. Please make sure your scholar is always writing in complete sentences at home.
5. Reading: Last week we studied the first story element of character. This week we are moving on to the next story element: setting. The setting is where and when the story takes place. Discuss the setting of any stories that your scholar reads to you at home. 
6. Literature: We are going to be reading the first of our Core Knowledge short stories. We are starting with The Fisherman and His Wife. We will be closely examining the characters and setting of this story. 
7. Math: Our first math unit "Numbers to 1,000" comes to a close this Friday. Throughout this unit scholars have practiced counting, reading, and writing whole numbers to 1,000 and identifying the place value for each digit. Students have also practiced counting back by hundreds, tens, or ones from a number within 1,000. We have reviewed ordering and comparing whole numbers using the symbols < , > , and =. Scholars have also reviewed what it means to rename 1 ten as 10 ones and 1 hundred as 10 tens. Our number sense is deepening through these reviewed concepts and the students have explored these objectives using concrete manipulatives. 
*Our next unit in our math studies is unit 2 - Addition and Subtraction. This will start next Monday.*
8. Science: We will continue to explore magnets. Students will discover the poles of a magnet and learn how the law of magnetic attraction works.
Tests and Quizzes
1. Friday: Math Test; Place Value (use homework for review)
2. Weekly Spalding spelling test
Please do reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Week of 8/6/18

It was wonderful meeting all of you last Tuesday at Meet the Teacher. If you have not yet done so please fill out and return the paperwork that was in the blue folder you received. 

Our Weekly Blog Post
Please check back every Monday morning for an updated blog post regarding the upcoming week. It will also be sent out in email form. 

Daily Take-Home Folder
Please empty the ORANGE take-home folder every day.  This folder will be used for nightly homework as well as a place for important forms (school fliers, informational sheets, completed work, etc). The orange folder should come home and be returned daily.  

Agendas will be filled out every day and sent home with your child to remind them of their homework and special events. Please initial your childs agenda every night and record the number of minutes read.  Student agendas enhance the students organizational skills. I check agendas every morning so this is a wonderful tool of communication. Just send me a quick note in the agenda if you have a question or concern. 

Class Liaison
If you missed the class liaison interest form at Meet the Teacher, please email me if interested. 

Afternoon Snack
Due to our early lunch time, we will be having an afternoon snack in the classroom. Please pack a dry snack for your child, that is free from nuts, and does not require utensils. 

A glance at our coming week...

History instruction will start strong with our Geography and Spatial Reasoning unit. We will discuss globes, different types of maps, cardinal directions and identifying all 7 continents and 5 oceans. We will use a continents song as an instructional aid that you may be hearing at home! 

We will begin our study of magnets. Students will test what materials are magnetic and nonmagnetic. We will discuss and explore the similarities and differences we observed. 

Math: Daily Math Homework Starts Monday 
Count, read, and write whole numbers to 1,000 and identify the place value for each digit. 
Read and write  2-digit and 3-digit numbers in numerals, words, and as addition of tens and ones. 
Count on/back 1, 2, 10, or 20 from a given number
Rename hundreds, tens, and ones

Math workbooks will begin going home on Monday. Nightly math homework usually is done in the workbook. 

The Workbook


Language Arts:

This week we will review that a noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. When you are out and about this week you could ask your child to point out any nouns that they see. Is it a person? A place? A thing? An idea? 

Reading: Daily Reading Homework (20 minutes) Please sign the agenda after your scholar reads aloud to you for 20 minutes. 
We will begin our study of Elements of a Story by focusing on characters. Both the internal and external features of a character will be examined. When reading at home with your child, have them think deeper about the character. You could ask them questions like: What words tell about the character? How does the character feel? Does the character do good or bad things? Why does the character do these things? How would the story have changed if the main character were greedy (or brave, impolite, etc.). How did the main character’s behavior (thoughts, actions, etc.) affect the other characters in the story?

Spalding: Daily Spalding Homework (Handwriting Focus) Starts Monday
Students will begin Spalding this first full academic week. 
This first week, students will review handwriting formation - starting with clock letters, line letters, and phonograms 1-70. We will focus on handwriting, proper pencil grip, and scholarly position.  
Pencil Grip Video Help: Pencil Grip Video 

Our first poem will be given out next Monday, August 13th. 

Formal writing instruction will begin next week. 

Literature this week will revolve around books highlighting virtue. We will begin to introduce how to have a Socratic discussion, emphasizing how we respond to our classmates and how to answer open-ended questions. Our first book for our Literature Studies is The Boxcar Children.

Please send The Boxcar Children in by Sept. 9th

Monday, May 21, 2018

week of 5/21/18

I cannot believe it is the last week of school. I have been honored to watch your children grow and learn over the past year. Thank you for a great year!

Reminder: Monday is a full day. Tuesday-Friday are all half days with 12:30 dismissal. 

Math: Review second grade units
History: Wrap up civil rights unit
Science: ELA connections with readings (insect and previous science content)
ELA: Finish Charlotte's Web celebration Friday

Sign up for Charlotte's Web Party.

We will be sending home the majority of our supplies on Thursday. There will not be homework this week. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Week of 5/21/18

Wednesday is the insect Museum (Children will present their insects museum style during the Wednesday project walk (email with details/times to follow)
Insect Class Presentations Mon-Tues
Thursday Review
Friday Insect Assessment  

End of year Singapore Test - Monday
Review of second grade math skills unit by unit

Civil Rights Leaders
Susan B. Anthony
Mary Bethune and Eleanor Roosevelt
Jackie Robinson
Rosa Parks
Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi 

Language Arts: 
Charlotte's Web chapter 21-22
Main Idea
Supporting Details
Dictionary Skills
Reading Comprehension


Important Dates 1.       Friday, September 28th: Half Day  A Look in the Classroom   1.       ELA: Leveled fluency passages will be...