Monday, March 4, 2019

Week of 3/4/19

A huge thank you to all who made our Little House in the Big Woods celebration a success. The scholars asked some beautiful questions during the seminar and enjoyed sampling food that was mentioned in the book. The butter making activity was a huge hit. I appreciate our collaboration just so much!
1.     3rd - 5th grade state testing for our school is quickly approaching and will begin almost immediately upon our return to school after Spring Break. In order to preserve the sanctity of the testing environment we will not be scheduling our regular parent volunteering times for Reading and Math Groups throughout the next months of testing. There will still be volunteering opportunities during the final quarter as we will be enjoying activities such as, Westward Expansion Day, our class field trip to the Arizona Science Center, and our Coffee Talk for Charlotte's Web. Thank you so much for your understanding and strong partnership.
Important Dates
1.     Friday, March 8th; Field Day Please note:
1.    There will be no hot lunch served by the school on March 8th, please be sure to send your scholar to school with a lunch on that day. We will all be eating our lunches in the classroom.
2.   Students should come to school wearing athletic clothing, please be sure the clothing is modest, with no sleeveless shirts. Our class t-shirts came in for Field Day. They will be sent home with your child on Monday in a grocery bag with a post it note taped to the bag with their name and t-shirt size. Please make sure to try on the t-shirt to make sure it fits your child before Field Day. :) Every student should be coming home with a t-shirt. Please make sure to check  your child's back pack.
2.     March 11th - 15th: No School; Spring Break

A Look in the Classroom
1.     ELA: We will create an expository writing piece. In Grammar we will have a strong review of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions during our parsing activities. We will also complete some comparing and contrasting activities for reading instruction.
2.     History: With our Westward Expansion Unit over, we will take some time to discuss the unit in review with some read alouds about personal experiences on the Oregon Trail.
3.     Science: We will complete our Water Cycle unit with review, having our assessment on Friday.
4.     Math Objectives:
1.     Count money in a set of bills and coins up to $100
2.     Recognize, read, and write the decimal notation for money
3.     Read and write money amounts in words 
4.     Make equivalent values of money using different denominations
5.     Convert cents to dollars and cents 
6.     Convert dollars and cents to cents
7.     Make change for $1, $5, and $10
8.     Mentally subtract cents from $1
9.     Mentally subtract dollars and cents from $10
1.     Friday March 8th; Science Test; Water Cycle (study guide goes home on Thursday) and Spelling Test

Please do reach out with any questions you may have.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Week of 2/25/19

Important Dates
1.     Wednesday, Feb. 27th: Little House in the Big Woods Coffee Talk (all reading and math groups are cancelled this day to make time for the coffee talk)
2.    Thursday, Feb. 28th: Book orders due at 5pm
3.     Friday, March 1st Poetry Recitation; Bed in Summer
4.     March 11 - 15: Spring Break

A Look in the Classroom
1.     ELA: Students will start writing expository writing samples. In Grammar we will begin parsing sentences with prepositional phrases. We will also end our Tall Tales unit strong with another version of John Henry.
2.     Science: We will continue our exploration of the water cycle and discuss the formation of clouds. Some fun terms to possibly discuss at the dinner table are: condensation and evaporation!
3.     History: We will end our Westward Expansion unit by discussing the Trail of Tears and how indigenous people were treated as settlers continued their journey west. We will have our assessment on Friday and greatly anticipate Westward Expansion day next quarter!
1.     Math Objectives:
1.     Count by 10s
2.     Multiply by 10
3.     Divide by 10
4.     Multiply by 10
1.     Friday, March 1st: Spelling Test, History; Westward Expansion Test (Study Guide goes home Wednesday, February 27th)

Please reach out with any questions you may have.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Week of 2/19/19

Important Dates 
  1. Monday, February 18th: No School, President's Day
  2. Wednesday, Feb. 27th: Little House in the Big Woods Coffee Talk (all reading and math groups are cancelled this day to make time for the coffee talk)
  3. Thursday, Feb. 28th: February Book Orders due (New flyers went home on Friday.)
  4. Friday, March 1st: Bed in Summer Poetry Recitation due
A Look in the Classroom 
  1. ELA: We will be introducing another part of speech next week when we begin our study of prepositions. We will learn about a new type of writing when expository writing is introduced. We will be reading our final tall tale, John Henry, as we continue to connect ELA to westward expansion. 
  2. History: We will talk about the California gold rush and the famous Oregon Trail. We will also explore who the riders of the Pony Express were and learn how the technology of the telegraph replaced them.
  3. Science: Scholars will begin to learn about the water cycle. Leaning on the discussions we had about states of matter last week, we will discuss what the water cycle is using key terms such as evaporation and condensation.
  1. Math Objectives:
    1. Count and multiply by 5’s
    2. Solve word problems by multiplying by 5
    3. Divide by 5 and solve division word problems

  1. Friday: Spelling Test

Please reach out with any questions you may have. Wishing you a safe and relaxing long weekend with you scholars!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Week of 2/11

Important Dates

1.     Thursday, Feb. 14th: Great Hearts Day
2.     Wednesday, Feb. 27th: Little House in the Big Woods Coffee Talk (all reading and math groups are cancelled this day to make time for the coffee talk)
3. Friday, March 8th: Field fay
A Look in the Classroom
1.     ELA: We will continue working on personal narratives in Writing class; Grammar will consist of more verb tense review. Bed in Summer is our new poem, recitation will be on March 1st. For Tall Tales, we will further our discussion about Johnny Appleseed.
2.     History: With our War of 1812 unit behind us we will begin to learn about Westward Expansion! We will begin learning about settling the west with lessons about Daniel Boone and The Oregon Trail.
3.     Science: Students will review states of matter in preparation for our water cycle unit.
4.     Math Objectives:
1.     4 x ___ and ___x 4
2.     Build the multiplication table for 4
3.     Use related facts for find unknown facts
4.     Solve word problems involving multiplication 
5.     Relate division by 4 to multiplication by 4

T-shirt Order Information from earlier today:
Each class is assigned a color and an ancient Greek city team name. We have been assigned the color Navy Blue and team Athens. Students will need to wear their class color during field day. I am organizing personalized t-shirts for our class. The cost is $9.62 if we meet the minimum order of 20 t-shirts. If you are interested, please submit and pay for your order here by Monday February 18thWe must have an order of 20 t-shirts or we will have to cancel the class order and your money will be refunded to you by the t-shirt company. I should receive the t-shirts by March 5th or 6th and will distribute in class. We already have 9 ordered so far! Thank you!
Please Note: Ordering these t-shirts are completely optional. If you do not order a t-shirt, please send your child in a plain orange t-shirt on Field Day. 

Order your T-shirt:

Sign up to help with field day:

Sign up for snacks:    

Please do let me know if there is anything I can help with.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Week of 2/4/19

Important Dates
  1. Friday, Feb. 8th: Half Day
  2. Saturday, Feb. 9th: Father-Daughter Dance
  3. Thursday, Feb. 14th: Great Hearts Day- At Archway Lincoln, we will not celebrate Valentine’s Day as it is traditionally celebrated in schools, but will instead celebrate Great Hearts Day on Thursday, February 14th . Each class will have a short celebration, the focus of which will be on the virtue of Friendship and kind-heartedness, not gifts and candy. Please remember that students are not to bring in any Valentine’s cards or treats for their classmates. In each classroom, students will have opportunities to show appreciation for their friends during the party. If any student brings in Valentines or candy, we will need to put them in the backpack to be returned home. Our liaisons will be contacting you with more information in the coming days. 
A Look in the Classroom
1.     ELA: In Grammar class, we are continue verb tenses, including irregular past tense. Writing instruction will include a practice of actually writing a narrative. In Tall Tales we will learn all about Johnny Appleseed.
2.     History: Our War of 1812 unit is coming to a close, we will do a close review with the study guide in class and take our assessment on Thursday.
3.     Science: We'll be doing an overview of Seasons and end the unit with a brief quiz on Friday.
4.     Math: Our mental math unit is coming to an end; we are so proud of our scholars' hard work and perseverance! Here's a great resource for helping your student skip count by 4s:
1.     Objectives:
1.     Subtract a number close to a hundred from a 3 digit number
2.     Count by 4s to multiply by 4
1.     Thursday Feb. 7th: History Test, War of 1812 (study guide going home on Tuesday)
2.     Friday Feb 8th: Spelling Test and Seasons Quiz (study guide going home Thursday)

Please do reach out is there is anything I can help with.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Week of 1/28/19

Important Dates

  1. Book Orders due Thursday 1/31 by 5pm. Go to Our class code is R7VTX.
  2. Friday, February 8th: Half Day
  3. Monday, February 18th: No School; President's Day
A Look in the Classroom

  1. ELA: In Grammar students will do a review of collective nouns and begin discussing verb tenses. In Writing class we will explore narrative paragraphs and read Ruby's First Day of School together. We will continue discussing Pecos Bill for our Tall Tales unit. In Spalding we will have a 15 word spelling list as we continue our detailed cursive instruction; Students should continue doing their Spalding homework in manuscript for now.
  2. Science: We will continue our discussion on seasons by reviewing day and night. Quizzing your kiddo on the difference between rotate (to spin around an axis) and revolve (to move in an orbit) may make for a fun dinnertime conversation! Students will explore the different changes that happen during different seasons.
  3. History: Students will continue exploring The War of 1812, we are looking forward to a lively discussion of James and Dolley Madison and their significant impact on our country. Also, students will be able to identify what motivated the Merchants and the War Hawks.
  4. Math Objectives:
    1. Review Mental Math 
    2. Begin mental math strategies for subtraction (Parent help sheet going home) 
    3. Review: Subtract a number close to 100
    4. Review: Subtract 2-digit numbers-ones, tens, or hundreds

  1. Friday: Spelling Test

Friday, January 18, 2019

Week of 1/21/19

  1. Wednesday, January 23rd is our school wide writing day. As a school wide initiative to practice the beauty and art of writing, we will host a Lincoln Writes Day. This is an opportunity enjoy writing as a whole class. It is not an instructional time, but rather a time for teachers and students to pause and enjoy the process of writing. 
  2. Spalding Class: There will be no spelling word this week as we explore the beauty that is cursive. Please note: Moving forward your child will be assessed on 14-16 words a week as we transition to cursive.
Important Dates
1.     Monday, January 28th: No School; MLK Day
2.     Friday, February 8th: Half Day
3.     Monday, February 18th: No School; President's Day
A Look in the Classroom
1.     ELA: Our Tall Tales unit continues; we will explore the tale of Pecos Bill, continuing to distinguish between fact and reality. In Grammar we will take a close look at collective nouns. 
2.     History: We will wrap up our Making of the Constitution unit by reviewing what we have learned and taking the assessment on Thursday. On Friday, we will introduce our War of 1812 by discussing conflicts between Great Britain and America.
3.     Science: We will be starting our Seasons unit! Students will understand the title of the Earth and discuss why we have days and nights.
4.     Math: In math class we will be doing a close review of mental math strategies. We will also be doing one-on-one oral assessments with each student to gauge their knowledge of mental math addition strategies. *Please note* The unit that teaches multiple mental math strategies for 2-3 digit addition AND subtraction equations is for learning exposure. Please know this content is not expected to be mastered in grade 2 however, it is in preparation for third grade and beyond. 
1.     Thursday, January 24th: History; Constitution Test (Study Guide goes home Tuesday, January 22nd.)
Wishing you a restful long weekend with your scholars. Please do let me know if there is anything I can help with.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Week of 1/14/18

Important Dates
1.     Wednesday January 16th: Simple Machines Museum Walk
2.     Monday, January 21st: No School; Civil Rights Day
3.     Friday, February 8th: Half Day
1.     Please send your scholar's copy of Little House in the Big Woods to school with your students on Monday, we will begin reading next week!
2.     I sent home a mental math resource in your scholar's orange folder this weekend, I hope this is helpful in guiding your students through their homework.
3.     Our next poetry selection is the Preamble to the constitution. We will recite this on Febuary 1st; student copies will go home Monday.

Simple Machines Museum Walk Invitation

The 2nd Grade Team would like to invite you to our Simple Machines Museum Walk on Wednesday, January 16th to showcase the wonderful simple machines projects our 2nd grade scholars made.

We will have the projects on display in the MPR and parents are invited to walk through our “museum” and admire everyone's work. In order to allow everyone the time to view the projects in an uncrowded environment we are staggering visitation times. Please find your child's group time below and plan to visit during that 30 minute time slot as this is when your child will be in the MPR. Scholars will present during the 15 minute time slot listed for their class. This is when they will stand by their project ready to explain their work. With the remaining 15 minutes, they will have an opportunity to explore the work of other students.

Group 1: 2A/ 2B Presentation and Viewing Time: 10:45-11:15Ms. Duran’s Class (2A) presents from 10:45-11:00Ms. Hadley's Class (2B) presents from 11:00-11:15
Group 2: 2C/2D Presentation and Viewing Time: 11:30-12:00Ms. Hervas’ Class (2C) presents from 11:30-11:45 Ms. Morga’s Class (2D) presents from 11:45-12:00
Logistics for the event
We hope you can make it to see all the interesting projects of these amazing second graders!
·         Entrance: All parents must enter and exit the event through the west facing MPR door located near the drive up line. You do not need to sign in at the front office.
·         Early Checkout: If you plan to check your child out early, please let your child's teacher know at the event. She will have our TA escort your child to the classroom to get their backpacks and walk them back down to the MPR to you. You must have your blue placard in order to check out your child early from the MPR. Your child's teacher will check out your child to you. If you have a sibling to check out early from a different grade, you will need to report to the front office. As a reminder, checkouts at the front office must be completed by 12:00 noon.
·         Help Needed: In addition, we could use a few parent volunteers to help with the event. Please see the sign up.
Students will take their projects home at the end of the day, or, if they are being checked out early, they will take their projects home when they leave.

A Look in the Classroom
1.     ELA: We will begin learning about article adjectives and add that to our sentence parsing. We will exploring different writing styles such as narration and expository. We will read another version of Paul Bunyan and comparing it to the version of the story we read this week. 
2.     History: Students will understand that many patriotic Americans were afraid of the Constitution and be able to identify James Madison as a key player in getting the constitution ratified. We will explored the Bill of Rights and understand why it is integral to our union.
3.     Science: We will have students present their simple machines project. We will also finish discussing healthy eating and exercising.
4.     Math Objectives:
1.     Objective 1 : Review strategies for adding two 2-digit numbers
 How do you add 2 digit numbers together mentally?
show 43 + 35
Show how to put 10’s together and then count on the ones
 43 +30= 75 +5= 78
2. Objective 2: Add a number close to 100 to a 2-digit number 

There are several strategies for adding when your number is close to 100 (97, 98, 99)
1. Make 100 and count on
98 + 6 = 100 +4
2. add 100 and then subtract one (if number is 99) two (98) or three (97) from your total
99 + 42 = 100 + 42 -1
3. Objective 3: Add a number close to 100 to a 3-digit number 
 Make 100 and count on (or add 100 and subtract back) when adding to a 3 digit number.

 4. Objective 4: Review Strategies for subtracting ones or tens from a 2-digit number
12-7 (when not enough ones, subtract from the ten and then add to the ones)  
10-7= 3 +2= 5

1.     Friday: Spelling Test

Please do reach out if there is anything I can help with.

Week of 3/4/19

A huge thank you to all who made our Little House in the Big Woods celebration a success. The scholars asked some beautiful questions durin...